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After all, the presence of love interests are ubiquitous in all genres of movies, and we find attractive actors and actresses to play them. If gay people have a harder time finding love than straight people, they will naturally be less happy. Solutions intended to combat the difficulties of gay dating do exist.

Recent years have seen a surge in the number of gay men using dating apps like Tinder or Grindr.

Where Activism Fails: The Resilience of Gay Sadness | Harvard Political Review

For all of the solutions that these apps provide, however, they create at least as many problems. For example, unlike Tinder, Grindr allows users to message others in the same vicinity even if both partners have not demonstrated a mutual interest. The result is that receiving unsolicited or hurtful messages is commonplace for many users. I remember my concern when a friend of mine once showed me some messages he received: I am available to you, oh angelic youth: Looking at you from the bar … Leave the table and come home with me!!!! It should be no surprise then, that many studies confirm that these dating apps are bad for mental health.

Stories abound that racism is more prevalent on apps.

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They have also shown that men have a high risk of low self esteem when using Tinder, and Grindr topped a poll of apps that make people feel unhappy. People on apps are more willing to be mean behind the protection of a screen. Along with apps, there exists a hook-up culture in the gay community. But hook-ups — that exists.

The prevalence of a hook-up culture in place of dating is well- documented in scientific literature and generally agreed upon in the gay community. Gilfillian gave a potential explanation: In the specific case of gay men, it is quite possible that men seek sex more and thus the lack of a supposedly less willing sexual female partner found in heterosexual relationships, which results in more hook-up centered relationships. Hook-up culture is not going away anytime soon and can hardly be good for gay health. Another consequence of there being fewer gay people is that there is a lack of role models — or more broadly, examples of how to behave.

Gilfillian is originally from rural Texas where, as one might imagine, gay people were invisible if not non-existent. Seeing other people who were out was hugely important.

If, especially in their high school years, gay people see little to no examples of how to behave, they are at a disadvantage. Even ignoring the difficulty of dating, at least one study shows that gays are less likely to have close friendships. One explanation for men that I have come up with from my own interactions is that guys — especially teenage guys — love talking about girls. Even if the claim that men think about sex once every seven seconds on average is a myth, research shows that straight men think about girls enough to heavily influence their day-to-day lives.

If gay men are excluded from some significant part of nearly every lunchtime conversation, we can expect that they would have fewer friends. While gay guys can find groups of girls to hang out with, and finding close relationships with straight guys is not impossible, this phenomenon might explain a good part of why gay men, on average, have a harder time making friends. Disease and depression, on average, appear to be more common in the gay community, and for many reasons that do not seem easy to fix. Even as the prospects for gay rights and tolerance grow better, gay people — and specifically, gay men — may still start off life with a disadvantage.

However, all of these numbers exist on average. Even if it is more difficult for gay people to fall in love, it is certainly not impossible or even very uncommon.

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    Where Activism Fails: The Resilience of Gay Sadness

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