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Easily the most progressive, liberal and tolerant country in the post-Soviet block Tallinn still struggles with homophobia, especially in the older generations. Changing attitudes after decades USSR of propaganda is proving difficult.

Gay Tallinn Guide: The Essential Guide To Gay Travel In Tallinn Estonia

As with most problems in modern Estonia, communism is a convenient scapegoat. In truth, much of the Russian speaking population today is still influenced by state-sponsored homophobia thanks to Russian news and social media. Attitudes in these Russian communities toward LGBT people are flat or even worsening — and a considerable challenge for Estonia in many respects. Estonia was the first and so far only former Soviet-occupied state to recognize gay marriages performed overseas in a similar manner to Israel , and we hope this will help Estonia progress to full-marriage equality soon. Much like Bucharest and Bogota where gay travel is helping to change attitudes in society at large, LGBT acceptance is rising annually in Tallinn.

Like a long-lost Nordic brother, Estonia is seeking to model itself after progressive Copenhagen or Helsinki. Gay tourists should have no more to fear here than in other significant European capital — although discretion is still advised at night outside of the small Tallinn gay scene or more liberal nightclubs.

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As much as things have changed here, you will still be stared at by some people walking through Tallinn holding hands…. Not to mention the lower prices, wonderful Estonian design community, and incredible gastronomical landscape. Still, there are plenty of cute Estonian boys and girls, cocktails aplenty and mountains of hidden gems to uncover… Trust us, Tallinn will not disappoint!

In this article we will cover Oh, and wandering through all the beautiful design stores and being pampered on an affordable spa day. You hardly run the risk of getting bored in Estonia no matter how long you stay. In Estonia, you are extremely unlikely to find a boutique, upscale hotel which had any issues with gay guests but could potentially find an issue in some small, owner-operated hotels in this still sometimes conservative society — especially in older generations. However, the situation seemed to be more liberal in occupied Estonia than in most other parts of the former Soviet Union.

Gay men who had no public sex or political problems, were usually not persecuted. Up to the mids, there was an unofficial gay bar in Tallinn and there was at least one cruising area in both Tallinn and Tartu. Also, during , the first advertisements for gay and lesbian acquaintances were published in independent newspapers. Today Estonia expresses an ambivalence toward homosexuality.

Regarding the more recent and controversial issue of gay marriage, younger people are more liberal than older people. In the approval rate was up to a full third of polled citizens, in favor of such unions.

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There was no difference between the national groups. Young people accepted it more often than middle-aged and older people. Type of relationship and education were not significantly connected with prostitution attitudes. Compared to the neighboring countries, Estonia was the most permissive to prostitution.

Estonia and Homosexuality: Between little Tolerance and Inclusion From: Lithuania Tribune http: The law in Estonia does not forbid same sex relations, however in the view of Madle Saluveer, member of the Estonian Gay Youth association, it does not give any guarantees as well. This is certainly not so; Estonia is a tolerant country. Estonia being a tolerant country to me reads exactly: According to the international league of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals and Intersex associations, there is a discrimination based on sexual orientation, an affirmation that the Estonian Gay Youth association supports with some examples: The objectors are a small minority who is really radically against gay issues, and they have a very loud voice.

What differs us from Western Europe is that, there, society has made it clear that those types of attitudes are not okay.

In the Baltics, nobody is reacting against these negative opinions. Baltic Pride tooked place on 6thth of June in Tallinn. It is the 5th Pride to held in Estonia.

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In Pride weeks with Pride marches took place every year. Yet, this year they did it a little bit differently.

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  4. Estonia is well known for being a singing nation. Following this tradition, a free open air concert toked place on the 11th of June It is an opportunity for everyone, regardless of their identities, to come together and show their solidarity toward LGBT people and support a caring and tolerant society.


    Though gay tourists coming to Tallinn may feel a marked difference in Estonia in terms of the country's openness toward gays, travellers generally have little to fear in terms of gay-bashing. Nonetheless, discretion is a good defense and one still employed by most of Tallinn's gay-oriented nightclubs , the number of which continues to grow, and there is no doubt that Tallinn outshines both Riga and Vilnius perhaps both combined when it comes to gay nightlife. Gay or Gay-Friendly Clubs in Tallinn: Kapp - Tallinn's oldest and most famous gay club is also one of the most exclusive places in town.

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    G-Punkt - Discreet, back-door club favored by locals. Ring Club - Gay Club and sauna for men only! Famous for its hardcore sex shows. X-Baar - Local gay culture control room loved by locals. Other Gay-Oriented Services and Websites: Sauna Club 69 - Popular sauna and pool facility for men only. Pink Baltics - The first gay travel company in the Baltics in English www. If you know of any related resources that should not be missing from this list, please let us know.

    Also, we encourage you to leave your comments about gay Tallinn below; we encourage different viewpoints and want to hear your thoughts about the gay cause in Estonia and Tallinn though abusive or hateful comments will not be tolerated.

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    Thanks for the information! I had a pleasant time in Tallinn, but did not go to a gay club. The atmosphere was friendly.