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Thee kind of Lesbian are more dangerous then opened lesbian because majority of people not able to identify easily as Lesbian - If you legalize women emancipation, it is the same as you legalize closed Lesbian story - What else characteristic and choice of these closed Lesbian? Oogachaga teams with Dr. Joey Bugo Wrap It Up: The Business of Bareback Choosing your sex helmet Topping versus bottoming. Here there must be facilitator for many purpose of visit. Well written, and an great interview with an awesome guy and a very entertaining DJ!

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Parents of LGBT in Dating App Users D Pakistan is an islamic coutry and they do not allow such things. Seems things are changing.

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Baby Steps Baby Steps. Open-mindedness is something that doesn't come easy in a traditional society. Kudos to the people of Vietnam for trying to make a difference in their future for the LGBT community!!!! Candid Video of Me I don't see a problem here as only the upper torsos of both men were showing so there is no nudity involved and it was only "implied" sex. But it was gay so they want to probably make an example of the two by drawing it out into the public by fining and imprisoning these guys to show how perverted same-sex couples act.

If this had happened to a heterosexual couple it wouldn't go any farther more than likely. Jackie Chan's Daug All Regions. Welcome to Fridae, the largest online gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in Asia. Add your own profile to our personals section to meet new people and chat live to people from all over Asia and the world. We know gay Asia—check out our travel section for information on where to go and where to stay, and find out where to shop with our gay-friendly business directory.

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However, the situation for the LGBT community in Malaysia is absolutely appalling and a complete infringement on human rights. We did not realise this prior to travelling to Malaysia and now with this knowledge in mind, would strongly think twice about returning. However, we did not encounter any problems ourselves albeit perhaps people may not have realised we were a couple, or because we were always with other backpackers.

We only had twelve days in Malaysia. Same-sex intercourse is illegal and can be punished by jail time, fines and just this year two lesbians were publicly caned in a courtroom after being caught attempting to engage in same sex intercourse. One of the most notable cases regards former Deputy Minister Anwar Ibrahim being convicted in of sodomy and being sentenced to 9 years in prison. The case was contested, Anwar was released and then convicted again later on, this year he finished his sentence.

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The actual law stems from British Empire colonial era rule but is supported by Sharia Law as the official religion here is Islam. Laws around LGBT people extend to banning LGBT people from appearing in the media, serving in the military, government positions, and even censorship of films! In the film censorship decided to allow LGBT characters to appear only if they repent or die. Sharia Laws exist to prevent gender expression. It is considered public indecency to dress as a woman and you can be arrested for it.

There are reports that transgender people are often beaten and mistreated. Those in power need to find the right path to find their humanity, it is well documented that conversion camps or similar have no basis and are incredibly harmful to the individuals. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg and there is much more to read out there. There is a high level of discrimination, prejudice and danger to LGBT Malaysians and it is happening here and now. In all honestly, we had no issues. However we were only there for a short time, always with friends and perhaps were lucky that no one noticed we were a couple.

We are not saying that we definitely would have had a problem if we had been identified as a couple because sometimes there are different social rules for tourists, however we would seriously proceed with caution if we were to return. After writing the above we are conflicted to say what not to miss, but there is no denying we enjoyed our time and there is always merit bearing in mind safety in travelling to these countries as an LGBT couple to show support.

We met a fellow traveller on the journey to the Cameron Highlands called Fleur. In Langkawi she talked to some locals who offered her a sunset cruise for free. She said yes, but only if she could bring us along! There was incredible food, an open bar and a beautiful sunset — all for free. This was easily our top experience and it ended with us all drunk and dancing on the boat as the sun went down. We have travelled to Bali and the Gili islands twice and loved both our trips.

Bali is known for its beaches, nightlife and jungle, Gili for being a beautiful island with some of the best snorkelling we have ever encountered. Indonesia is troubling because while same-sex intercourse is mostly legal, some provinces such as Aceh uphold Sharia Law making homosexuality a crime punishable by prison. This year, certain governmental parties are actively trying to criminalise homosexuality across the whole of Indonesia.

It seems this country is actually regressing when it comes to the treatment of its LGBT people.

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It is therefore no surprise, that same-sex marriage does not exist and neither do any discrimination protections for LGBT people. In fact, in alone a man was publicly caned in one of the provinces that criminalises homosexuality and a group of transgender women taken, stripped, had their heads forcibly shaved and were publicly humiliated. Indonesia is a very large country with many islands. As a tourist you are probably going to visit the few touristy islands and for the most part be safe and have an amazing time as we did. We would be very surprised if you had any problems in the main tourist areas of Bali.

However, as we have also said, Indonesia as a whole appears to be regressing and this is discouraging people from travelling here at all. Keep up to date with the laws of the country before you travel and stay safe. This has to be snorkelling in Gili Trawangan. You just need to walk up to the top of the beach and get in.

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Take your time floating down and you will be sure to see plenty of turtles, tropical fish and the odd octopus. We spent days just doing this over and over again. It was incredible to see so much sealife within metres of the beach. We want to finish on a high! The Philippines is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to LGBT rights in Asia which is why we chose it for our honeymoon!

We spent 3 weeks in the Philippines. Read more about each of them in our Philippines guide. LGBT rights in the Philippines are more advanced than the majority of Asia, albeit there is work to be done! What really comes through for the Philippines in their favour is the social acceptance. We always say that how a tourist experiences a place is quite different to a local. With social acceptance being so high in the Philippines it is no surprise that you will be warmly welcomed as an LGBT traveller.

The people may be more curious of you, but that is probably because you are foreign. We spent three weeks on our honeymoon here and felt confident to be open and loving as any honeymoon couple should be. We experienced no negativity or awkwardness at all, we truly had the best experience. Everywhere we travelled to was beautiful but El Nido really stood out. The small town on Palawan has previous been voted one of the most beautiful places in the world and it is easy to see why.

The best activity we did here was the daily boat trips exploring the nearby islands, coves and coral reefs. Get yourself here asap! Knowing and understanding the local laws and social opinions is very important to make sure you stay safe and have the best experience. On the whole, we found gay travel in Asia to be very positive.